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Mario Birthday Scenario Game :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 5 16 Asakiku Mochi :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 2 5 Asasaku High School Love :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 7 2
Let's Enjoy Today
    “I’m not singing, and that’s final.” England shouted.
    Currently, America, France, Hungary, Taiwan, and England were at a karaoke bar celebrating Japan’s birthday. It was England’s turn to sing, but he was having none of it.
    “Dude, stop being such a party pooper!” America whined
    “Mind your language! I am not spoiling the party!”
    “Come on! It’s Japan’s birthday! Have some fun! Taiwan coaxed
    “I am having fun. I just don’t feel like singing.” England retorted, crossing his arms across his chest.
    “Anglererre [1], I don’t see what the big deal is. After all, you used to sing all the time when you were going through your punk…”
    “You shut your mouth you bloody frog!” England interrupted, his face turning red with rage.
    “Dude, I
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 56 46
Roma Tomato :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 7 0 Pokemon Birthday Scenario Game #2 :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 7 31 Vampire Knight Birthday Scenario Game :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 8 31
[PruHun] The Disappearance of Prussia
    The doorbell was ringing endlessly as the Hungarian woman raced to the door.
    “Will you ease up on the bell? I’m coming!”
    The door stopped ringing as Elizaveta arrived at the door. She adjusted her dress and opened the door slightly. To her dismay, the Prussian nation stood outside her door. She huffed in annoyance. The war had just ended, and she had a country to rebuild. She didn’t have time to entertain the loud country.
    “Hey, long time no see!” Prussia greeted happily
    “Why are you here?” Hungary interrogated
    Unexpectedly, the Prussian looked genuinely hurt at her question. It only lasted for a moment though, because his hurt expression quickly changed into a playful smirk.
    “What? Is it a crime to visit your childhood friend?” The Prussian replied with a smirk
    “Well, no, but I’m busy trying to rebuild m
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 15 10
Kingdom Hearts Birthday Scenario Game :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 19 46
Kiss Kiss Fall In Love With An Italian
[Italy x Reader]
    A large bus arrived at [local anime convention]. As it came to a stop, a group of five cosplayers stepped out. It was an amazing group of Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers. As the group got off the bus, they began to look around.
    “I thought they left before us.” ‘Riza’ murmured.
    “Don’t worry, they’ll be here soon.” ‘Alphonse’ assured her
    Suddenly, the group spotted another bus pulling around the corner. The group began to wave wildly as the bus pulled in. When the doors to the bus opened, the Ouran High School Host Club stepped out.
    “You’re here!” ‘Whinry’ shouted to the group
    You smiled at the large group. From the Fullmetal Alchemist group, you saw Kiku cosplaying as Roy Mustang. Behind him stood Alfred and a very quiet Matthew cosplaying as Edward and Alphonse Elric respectively. Elizaveta, who was
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 65 23
Pokemon Birthday Scenario Game :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 33 121
Spain x Reader: When She Loved Me
       It had been three years since you and Antonio broke up. You had moved on, but he couldn’t. You two had tried to stay friends, but you had found it too hard and put some distance between the two of you.
       Antonio was cleaning his room when he bumped into his dresser. He flinched as he heard the sound of glass breaking. When he went to investigate he found that a picture frame had fallen over. Sighing, he went to go pick it up. He picked up the frame and flipped it over to inspect the damage. As he flipped the frame over, he nearly dropped it from the picture within the frame. The picture was of you and him during your six month anniversary.
       Memories suddenly fill his head. There was the time when you had broken up with your first boyfriend. You had run to him for comfort. He had done his best to make you smile because he hated to see you cry. When you had finally smiled, Antonio couldn’t have been
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 214 52
Misty/Kazumi Sketch :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 6 3 Hetalia Japan Beautiful World Sketch :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 9 8 Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Birthday Scenario Game :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 11 19 Sonic X Birthday Scenario Game :iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 25 79



I've been really busy with college stuff and I've been gone for a while. I'm really sorry for any extremely late replies! I'm going to go through all the wonderful comments, favorites, llamas, and follows soon! You guys are awesome, and yes, I intend to be around more often now as well as posting soon. 

Until then!

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